Today I received news of the death of a great lady. I first met Dr. Hanson in the winter of 2014 when she spoke at the NARAL campus representatives’ training. She and Marilee invited me to an event they were hosting the next month. Due to college commitments I couldn’t travel, which I will always regret.

Dr. Hanson exuded strength and devotion to true women’s care all her life, and her passion was felt most dearly that day as she spoke to a group of young women desperately fighting to keep the pro-choice community’s voices heard. We representatives drew inspiration from her fierceness and unapologetic understanding of women’s choices. Safe abortion care is an inherent right of women’s health care and should not be treated as any less. That Dr. Hanson dedicated her life to such an important and life-changing act for so many women speaks to the depth of her character and compassion.

I thank her from the bottom of my heart for her dedicated years of service and excellent medical care to the extended Minneapolis community. I thank her clinic staff for being a part of her mission and seeing her life’s work move forward so that many other women can receive the same strength, care, and support that she issued. I am proud to fight to keep their clinic’s doors open through activism and volunteer work. I will always be grateful for the work that they do every day.

With great respect and my deepest condolences to the entire Hanson Clinic staff, I say thank you to both the staunch representative of feminism and the great woman herself. May you rest easy, dear Doctor, knowing that you helped so many.

Diana Fraser
NARAL Campus Organizer, 2012-2014

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