This week we are expecting anti-choice politicians to propose a 20-Week abortion ban, and the fight between anti-choice politicians, and those who respect a woman’s right to choose, will be heated. We know you have questions, and we are here to answer them!

“What exactly would this ban entail? What is the end game for these anti-choice politicians?”

1. This is one step in a broader political strategy to ban abortion procedures entirely. Anti-choice politician’s core objective is to ban all abortion, including in cases of rape and incest, and the 20-Week ban is just the first step in their fame. They are attempting put up unnecessary barriers to abortion access, advance their pro-life and conservative political agenda, and strip women of this essential healthcare.

2. Doctors are put at risk. This bill requires doctors who provide abortion services after 20 weeks to divulge case-specific information to the government, including the provider’s name and location the procedure was performed. The bill offers no provision to protect this information from going public.

3. Anti-choice politicians are prioritizing banning abortion over the health and safety of women and families. This bill forces unnecessary burdens on abuse survivors and makes them jump through hoops to receive the medical care that they choose and deserve.

“Jeeze, that sounds awful! I am upset that Congress does not respect our right to access abortion care. But I am not very familiar with post-2- week abortions, please tell me more!”

1. How often is later abortion care provided?
Abortion provided later in pregnancy is exceedingly rare. They account for just 1.2% of all abortion procedures. Terminations after 20 weeks are among the most heart wrenching, complicated cases. These women deserve honest, scientific, advice from medical experts, not lectures from politicians. These anti-choice, out of touch politicians in Washington are simply trying to score political points. It is unacceptable that they try to control such personal and complicated decisions.

2. Is this type of abortion ban legal?
The Supreme Court has long held that a woman has the right to choose abortion care until the point of fetal viability. By banning abortion at 20 weeks, this ban is a direct threat to the framework established by Roe v. Wade. Politicians are not doctors, therefore they should not be making critical decisions about people’s bodies. All of these considerations, from the point of viability to the complications of each case are best left between a woman and her doctor, not politicians.

3. If this law passed, who would be penalized?
This ban imposes up to five years in prison on doctors who violate the ban. [4] It also puts doctors in the impossible position of having to choose between their sworn oath to do what’s best for their patients’ and their personal freedom.

“Thanks! This helped. But I want to learn more. What are some resources I can check out?”



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