On Tuesday, California will vote on a bill that would require crisis pregnancy centers to tell women the truth about their reproductive health options. One politician asked why a lawmaker cared so much about the bill, and her response is PERFECT.

Posted by NARAL Pro-Choice America on Thursday, May 21, 2015

“Why is abortion so important to you people?” I don’t know, why is trying to ban a legal procedure so important to you people? Why is it that the public really wants their elected officials to focus on fixing our economy, bringing about a safe and peaceful world, dealing with environmental crisis, making our schools safer and smarter, making college an affordable goal not an ultra expensive dream and yet “you people” are so obsessed with women’s sex lives and abortion?

We are headed into a special session because an education bill couldn’t be agreed on in the regular session, a major highway bill that had to get done was dropped due to lack of time and yet there was time for days of debate on abortion clinics for an issue that doesn’t exist and has never existed in MN since Roe v Wade. Why are “you people” so obsessed with women’s reproductive lives?

Written By Dan Buck

Dan Buck is the Grassroots Organizer for NARAL Pro-Choice Minnesota.

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