Malika Dale, St. Olaf NARAL Pro-Choice Minnesota Campus Rep was asked:

Why are you interested in Reproductive Justice and why is the work you do so important? What are your hopes for the future?

My future best friend, a future travel partner, a future co-worker and 10 other inspirational students organized the first Students for Reproductive Rights meeting on the first week of school. These older women and men were intelligent, cool, well liked students who carried out volunteer projects and campus activism similar to what I had done in high school with Planned Parenthood. I wanted to join an intimate community that acted on their beliefs so that my college development could be shaped by such an intelligent and compassionate network. Tomorrow, I will lead the current chapter of that intimate, active, intelligent and compassionate community.


Students for Reproductive Rights is an informative club that works with the campus and Northfield community to deliver accurate information, supportive student networks and productive activism. This club is so important to the school because it works with school administration, local clinics, reliable women’s services and national organizations to meet social, logistical and medical needs on campus and the surrounding area. This club is so important to me because I have learned how to be an educated lobbyist, a caring clinic volunteer, an organized manager and an effective co-leader while exposing a Crisis Pregnancy Center, lobbying at the State and National capitals, networking with successful alums and caring for new students.

Elizabeth Warren, Al Franken and Jo Beld have done a lot for our nation, state and campus during the last three years. In the next three years 100,000’s of students, professors, administrators, parents, donors and grandparents should join their efforts to make college campuses and entry level lobs a safer, healthier and more productive place. Conversation, policy change, revolutionaries and donations have made a positive impact at St. Olaf and can continue to do so on our campus, as well as nation wide.

mndaleMalika – Naomi is a senior biology and philosophy student at St. Olaf College. This summer she interned for a cardiology research lab and started a sustainable local food sourcing company. Malika grew up between the U.S., E.U., and India where she learned about many times if feminisms, health care and good food. 

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