Our Clinic Escort Program Organizer reached out to some of our regular clinic escorts and asked them to tell their story.

Here’s one clinic escort’s story:

I am forever grateful for the warmth, openness and excellent women’s health care Planned Parenthood provided to me as a young, naïve adult. Planned Parenthood taught me how to honor and take good care of my body, to protect my sexual health and to make educated choices regarding birth control.

At home, my parents never brought up the subject of sex or even female anatomy. I was too embarrassed to ask questions.  However, school wasn’t the place to ask questions. There wasn’t anywhere to go to ask questions. My changing body made me uncomfortable-my friends didn’t talk about their bodies so it became a kind of shameful, mysterious thing.

In 1976, I left for college. My new college friends were more experienced and when they found out the level of my ignorance they said you have to go to Planned Parenthood. I’d never heard of this place, so a friend took me. So many years later and I still remember feeling immediately at ease when I entered the clinic; I knew this was the perfect place to ask all my questions and get practical answers. It was a busy place with all ages of women: pregnant, young, middle-aged.  They didn’t look embarrassed to be seen there!


Planned Parenthood was more than a medical clinic to me. Staff at the clinic seemed to take it for granted that openly discussing sexuality and women’s health was a GOOD thing. To care about your body was a good thing to do. There was no room for mystery or shame in my PP clinic.

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