Leah Soule
NARAL Pro-Choice Minnesota
Campus Rep

In the wake of the recent shooting at the Colorado Planned Parenthood, I am again reflecting on why I choose to organize for choice. I believe that controlling one’s own body is fundamental to being an autonomous citizen. If we live in a world where we cannot decide what happens to our own bodies, how could we imagine that we would get a say in what happens in our community, state or nation? In essence I fight for abortion access because I believe it’s not only a human right but because it supports democracy. Without bodily autonomy we cannot have a society where all people get a say, we cannot have a just nation, we cannot have democracy.

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St. Cloud State University
NARAL Pro-Choice Minnesota
Campus Rep

I work for NARAL because I live in an area against reproductive rights. St. Cloud State University has a strong anti-choice presence with an organization that actively makes efforts to stigmatize all aspects of reproductive rights. Maintaining a supportive safe space on campus is important to those who have been personally been affected by this issue, some of which I

personally know. Reproductive rights needs to be upheld even today, and I support NARAL’s mission to ensure it does.


NARAL Pro-Choice Minnesota believes in the power of the student voice! We recognize the need to train new pro-choice leaders and we’ve developed a Student Organizing program that reflects that.

NARAL Pro-Choice Minnesota’s Student Organizing program hires interns and works with pro-choice students at fourteen colleges throughout the state to educate and activate students on campus. Whether we’re talking about the availability of emergency contraception at your school, sex education, or deceptive crisis pregnancy centers advertising at your school, you can count on our student organizers being able to keep you informed.

The anti-choice forces are organizing at every level of government, in our streets, in front of clinics and in our schools! Their efforts affect women at every age, but much of their work focuses on college-aged women.

That’s why the pro-choice movement needs students to educate and organize on their campuses. Through campus organizing, you are helping to protect the right to choose and building the newest generation of the pro-choice movement. If you are interested in learning more about what’s going on at your campus, please feel free to contact your local campus rep by e-mail.

For a little perspective, we’ve asked all of our campus reps why they chose to continue the work NARAL Pro-Choice Minnesota started on campuses. Throughout this series, you will get a better understanding of why this position is vital to our students and their communities. 

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