NARAL Pro-Choice Minnesota is proud to be endorsing two pro-choice warriors and fierce advocates for women, Representatives Erin and Erin in their race for the Minnesota Governor’s seat.

Representative Erin Murphy and her running mate Representative Erin Maye-Quade secured the DFL endorsement with a progressive agenda that focused on supporting Minnesotan Families, prioritizing equity and justice and of course, defending reproductive freedom. Their platform includes an explicit commitment to supporting and advocating for policies that make contraceptives and abortion safe and accessible for Minnesotans. The duo’s progressive ideals of equity and restitution are consistent with their vision for women’s healthcare in Minnesota which prioritizes reproductive justice. Their agenda specifically articulates the need for legislation that supports and protects the rights of LGBTQ folk, women of color, and low income Minnesotan communities to secure reproductive healthcare services(MurphyforMN).

Representative Erin Maye-Quade, Murphy’s pick for Lieutenant Governor, has been a leading progressive voice in the Minnesota legislature. During her time in office she served on the National Reproductive Freedom Leadership Council(RPLC), a coalition of state legislators dedicated to advancing reproductive freedom in their state capitols(State Innovation). Using the platform of the RPLC, Maye-Quade shined light on the need for comprehensive sex and health education for Minnesotan students and vocalized her own coming-of-age experiences where her and her peers were neglected medically accurate and well-rounded education about sexual health(StateInnovation).

Representative Murphy is equally as a vocal about the need for more accessible information and reproductive health services. For the past four years she has been the author of the Protect Access to Contraception Act, a bill that would have required insurance plans to cover all forms of contraception in Minnesota while also defending the right to choose against Republican antichoice agendas. In 2015, Murphy battled a Republican anti-choice Legislature and introduced multiple amendments to conservative legislation including a change that would have required colleges to provide emergency contraception options for sexual assault victims as well as an effort to secure the right to prescription contraceptives for employees of secular organizations(Du).

Following the Supreme Court Hobby Lobby ruling, Murphy powerfully called to action her fellow legislators saying, “Minnesota women have the right to make their own health care decisions without interference by their boss. Women shouldn’t be discriminated against for their personal health care decisions, including whether and when to use contraception. The Supreme Court’s misguided ruling and inaction in Congress means that we need a state legislature that will step up for basic health care equity for Minnesota women.”

Murphy followed her words with action, an example of her proactive and dedicated leadership, by lobbying and consolidating support for the CHEER Act, a legislative mandate to secure a women’s right to contraceptives as provided by her healthcare plan.

The fierce and dedicated work of these two pro-choice champions is a tell-all sign of the kind of progressive leadership they will bring to the Governor’s Office upon election. We can’t wait to support Team Erin in the August primary and on the November ballot.

Sign-up to phone bank with us on Thursday evenings to help secure a high pro-choice voter turnout at the primary!

This independent expenditure was prepared and paid for by NARAL Pro-Choice Minnesota, not in coordination with any candidate or candidate committee.

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