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Bills Introduced in the Senate:

  • Abortion Prohibited when Fetal Heartbeat Detected (SF 223)
    • House Companion Bill (HF 262)
  • Infants born alive as a result of an abortion medical care protections modifications (SF 202)
  • Special “Choose Life” Plates (SF 212)
  • Abortion Prohibited when Fetal Heartbeat Detected (SF 356)
  • Specifying the term of imprisonment for first-degree murder of an unborn child (SF 635)
  • Licensure of Abortion Facilities (SF 1636)
  • “Choose Life” Plates (SF 1802)

Bills Introduced in the House:

  • Prohibiting abortions when a fetal heartbeat is detected (HF 643)
  • Prohibition on use of State Funds for Abortions (HF 1099)
  • Requirement Prior to Provision of Abortion-Inducing Drug (HF 2289)

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