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December 8, 2015/Blog

No Room for Mystery

Our Clinic Escort Program Organizer reached out to some of our regular clinic escorts and asked them to tell their story.

November 17, 2015/Blog

“Between a Woman and her Doctor”

"It’s a mantra you’ve heard repeated time and time again: decisions regarding reproductive health should be kept between a woman and her doctor. Sometimes we throw faith or God in there for good measure, lest anyone forget that we’re not Satan-worshipping baby-sacrificers."

October 22, 2015/Blog

Growing Up “Pro-Life”

"I was no older than seven and had already been indoctrinated with a distinct sense of self-righteousness. How could anyone NOT love babies, I wondered. Why would they want to kill them?"

October 13, 2015/Blog

My Abortion Saved My Life

"I was a straight up a 17 year old high school student faced with unwanted sex and an unwanted pregnancy. I decided then, if I couldn’t get an abortion, I was going to kill myself."

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