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March 1, 2018/Newsletter

January/February 2018

Legislative Session 2018. Act I, scene 1.

[Friday, February 9, 2018. State Capitol, St. Paul, Minnesota.]

Lights come up on small crowd of people in business attire, presumably legislators. They speak in
murmurs accompanied by the shuffling of papers. A clock chimes five times and the legislators look up.
Freeze. Lights go down.

January 4, 2018/Newsletter

October — December 2017

2017 was a heck of a year!
We knew from the start that it would be challenge after challenge, and the year certainly lived up to that expectation.
But we met each one with grace, good humor, and a fierce determination — thank you.
To close off the old year and welcome in the new, check out a few highlights from the last couple months of 2017.
And for 2018 — stay fiercely fabulous, fellow feminists!

September 19, 2017/Newsletter

August/September 2017

We've had a busy summer here at NARAL. The field canvass took a field trip (ha!) to Duluth; our grassroots organizer and volunteers celebrated Pride across the state; we had an amazing night out at the second ever Art Salon; and we announced Lindy West as this year's keynote speaker for Power of Choice.

Now the leaves are changing, the weather seems to have made up its mind and started cooling down, and school has started back up — including for our rockstar campus reps. So break out your sweaters, get yourself a pumpkin spice latte, and settle in with the August/September edition of Abortion, Advocacy, and Action. It's got summer highlights and profiles of four of the campus organizers and the work they're looking forward to this year.

July 13, 2017/Newsletter

June/July 2017

Getting a running start on the summer!

With our annual Run for Your Rights 5k Run/2.5k Walk, we fought off the last chill of Minnesota spring — and the lingering stress of legislative session.

Check out our June/July Newsletter for more about the Run, our campus organizers, and what we're thinking about looking forward.

Reminisce about running through the rain for our rights, read about college students standing against a predatory crisis pregnancy center, and ready yourself to reach out in 2018 — and any other alliterative benefits you can find in the current issue of Abortion, Advocacy, and Action!

April 19, 2017/Newsletter

April/May 2017

How do we change the world? One conversation at a time.

And that's exactly what we're doing at NARAL Pro-Choice Minnesota right now. Check out our April/May newsletter to find out more!

Highlights include all the magic of Pro-Choice Lobby Day, a glimpse of our artistic prowess, wise words from choice champions in Minnesota, and the fighting spirit that keeps us all coming back to this fight.

So go forth! Check out what we've been up to and catch a sneak peak at upcoming events. And when the going gets tough, when every politician in the country seems to be against us, when the attacks just won't stop coming, think on these words from Rep. Erin Murphy: "We represent a legacy that is our past, and we must carry it forward into our future."

Carry it forward with me.