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April 19, 2017/Newsletter

April/May 2017

How do we change the world? One conversation at a time.

And that's exactly what we're doing at NARAL Pro-Choice Minnesota right now. Check out our April/May newsletter to find out more!

Highlights include all the magic of Pro-Choice Lobby Day, a glimpse of our artistic prowess, wise words from choice champions in Minnesota, and the fighting spirit that keeps us all coming back to this fight.

So go forth! Check out what we've been up to and catch a sneak peak at upcoming events. And when the going gets tough, when every politician in the country seems to be against us, when the attacks just won't stop coming, think on these words from Rep. Erin Murphy: "We represent a legacy that is our past, and we must carry it forward into our future."

Carry it forward with me.

March 17, 2017/Newsletter

March 2017

When every day seems to bring news of another attack on reproductive rights in the US, it starts to feel impossible to fight it all — or even to keep track.

That's why we're bringing back the NARAL Newsletter: Abortion, Advocacy, and Action. Every month, you can check out legislative updates, get a look at what our staff, volunteers and members have been doing, and find new ways to get involved.

We've got quite the fight ahead of us — and we're not backing down. Check out our March Newsletter here!