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Hiring: Field Canvass Director

Organization Overview:

NARAL Pro-Choice Minnesota (an affiliate of NARAL Pro-Choice America) is dedicated to building and sustaining a constituency that uses the political process to guarantee reproductive freedom for all women, including family planning, sexuality education, maternal health care, and safe, legal abortion. NARAL Pro-Choice Minnesota is a grass-roots 501(c)(4) lobbying organization. Two additional affiliated organizations help advance the NARAL Pro-Choice Minnesota mission. The NARAL Pro-Choice Minnesota Foundation, a 501(c)(3), conducts public education and research intended to increase public awareness of relevant reproductive health care issues. The NARAL Pro-Choice Minnesota Election Fund, a state political action committee, conducts direct electoral work with and for pro-choice candidates.

Position Description:

The Field Canvass Director will be responsible for recruiting, hiring, and training a new field canvass to operational capacity. This position will require plan writing, managing staff, active recruitment, evaluation of new hires during observational periods, and consistent and thorough reporting to the Executive Director to be relayed to the Board of Directors. This person will also be required to be in the field working directly with new hires for training purposes and expected to hit fundraising and organizing goals as set forth in the agreed upon work plan. The Field Canvass Director will report to the Executive Director and Deputy Director.

Key Accountabilities: 

Create Field Canvass Recruitment Plan—

  • Create comprehensive, written, and easily communicable work plan for recruiting an operational field canvass including but not limited to: where jobs will be posted, connectors and connections to make to identify canvassers
  • Create reporting mechanisms to show work and progress toward work plan
  • Work with Deputy Director to document criteria for successful interviews, observational periods, and training periods including recommendations for hires, firings, development milestones, and discipline
  • Perform yearly analysis of current wage and benefits package and make recommendations on how to make package more attractive
  • Percentage of time: 10%

Field Canvass Recruitment—

  • Recruit, train, and hire field canvassers. A “hire” is recommended via NARAL’s Training Program when: (1) canvasser makes daily quota once out of first four shifts; (2) canvasser makes weekly quota; (3) canvasser makes weekly quota for another week within a four week period
  • Maintain and manage job posting strategy
  • Identify and work with partners to find recruits
  • Hold interviews and observational periods
  • Maintain field canvass at a consistent number of staff
  • Percentage of time: 30%

Training, Onboarding, and Day-to-Day Management of Field Canvassers—

  • Work with Deputy Director to implement training program
  • Work with Deputy Director on choosing turfs, writing daily raps, and other program administration tasks
  • Maintain data and report out on hiring benchmarks and health of the canvass
  • Work in the field with canvassers raising funds and training new members (Time in the field will be revisited regularly and dependent on maintaining an operational canvass staff of 6+)
  • Percentage of time: 60%

Job Factors:

Minimum Education Level: High school diploma or equivalent preferred

Minimum Experience Level: Two years of relevant canvass experience

Amount of Supervision: The Field Canvass Director reports to the Executive Director and Deputy Director. After initial orientation, the Field Canvass Director will work closely with the Deputy Director, however a high level of independence is expected in this position for implementation once a work plan is agreed upon.

Analytical skills:

  • Planning
  • Reporting
  • Communication
  • Keen eye for coaching


  • Microsoft Office 365
  • NGP/EveryAction/VAN
  • Training development and implementation

Impact of Actions: Because the field canvass is responsible for both fundraising and movement building, this position is essential for NARAL’s continued success as the grassroots powerhouse in Minnesota’s reproductive freedom movement. In addition to the significant impact that the canvass has on our budget, the NARAL canvass helps to build the voter file in Minnesota and is therefore key to success across progressive electoral and legislative coalitions. In 2021 and beyond, the NARAL field canvass will be prioritizing organizing and education with a commitment to anti-racism.

Supervision Responsibilities: The Field Canvass Director is responsible for the management and oversight of all field canvass staff in coordination with the Deputy Director.

Human Resources Impact: The Field Canvass Director is responsible for the hiring of all field canvass staff, including daily, weekly, and monthly reviews as required in the training program and disciplinary actions.

Internal Contacts: The Field Canvass Director will have regular contact with the Phone Director, Deputy Director, and Executive Director.

External Contacts: External contacts include vendors, members, staff at other NARAL affiliates, staff at NARAL Pro-Choice America, local pro-choice advocacy organizations, and members of the public.

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