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NARAL Pro-Choice Minnesota was proud to endorse the following candidates in 2020. They not only fought back against abortion bans and attacks on family planning, but also authored or co-authored proactive legislation to expand access to contraception, protect the doctor-patient relationship, and keep patients and clinic staff safe.  It’s up to us to re-elect them, along with new pro-choice legislators who will ensure accessible, safe and equitable reproductive health care for every Minnesotan.

Minnesota State Senate:
(In order of district number)

SD 1 Reed Perkins
SD3 Tom Bakk
SD 7 Jen McEwen 
SD 8 Michele Anderson 
SD 9 A. John Peters 
SD 11 Michelle Lee 
SD 12 Jill Abahsain 
SD 24 Roger Steinkamp 
SD 25 Sara Flick 
SD 26 Aleta Borrud 
SD 30 Diane Nguyen 
SD 31 Kate Luthner 
SD 33 Gretchen Piper 
SD 34 Bonnie Westlin 
SD 35 David Nelson 
SD 38 Justin Stofferahn 
SD 39 Josiah Hill 
SD 40 Chris Eaton 
SD 41 Mary Kunesh Podein
SD 42 Jason (Ike) Isaacson
SD 43 Chuck Wiger 
SD 44 Ann Johnson Stewart
SD 45 Ann Rest 
SD 46 Ron Latz 
SD 48 Steve Cwodzinski 
SD 49 Melisa López Franzen
SD 50 Melissa Wicklund
SD52 Matt Klein

SD 54 Karla Bigham
SD55 Sahrah Odowa
SD 56 Lindsey Port
SD57 Greg Clausen

SD 61 Scott Dibble
SD63 Patricia Torres Ray

SD 64 Erin Murphy 
SD 65 Sandy Pappas 
SD 66 John Marty 
SD 67 Foung Hawj  

Minnesota House of Representatives:
(In order of district number)

04A Heather Keeler 
05B Joe Abeyta 
07A Jennifer Schultz 
07B Liz Olson 
09A Alex Herring 
10A Dale Menk 
12A Murray Smart
14B Dan Wolgamott

15B Ron Thiessen 
16A Doria Drost 
16B Mindy Kimmel 
19A Jeff Brand 
20B Todd Lippert
21A Matt Bruns 
21B Elise Diesslin 
23B Leroy McClelland 
25B Liz Boldon 
26A Tina Liebling 
26B Randy Brock 
28B Jordan Fontenello 
29A Renée Cardarelle 
30A Chad Hobot 
30B Brad Kovach
31A Brad Brown 
33B Kelly Morrison
34A Brian Raines

34B Kristin Bahner 
35A Mike Erickson 
36B Melissa Hortman 
37A Erin Koegel 
39A Ann Mozey 
39B Shelly Christensen
40A Michael Nelson

41A Connie Bernardy 
41B Sandra Feist 
42A Kelly Moller 
42B Jamie Becker-Finn 
44A Ginny Klevorn 
45A Cedrick Rommel Frazier 
45B Mike Freiberg
46A Ryan Winkler

46B Cheryl Youakim 
48A Laurie Pryor 
48B Carlie Kotyza-Witthuhn
49A Heather Edelson

49B Steve Elkins 
50A Michael Howard 
50B Andrew Carlson 
51A Sandra Masin 
51B Liz Reyer
52B Ruth Richardson

53B Steve Sandell 
54A Anne Claflin 
54B Kelsey Waits
55A Brad Tabke

55B Andrea Nelson 
56A Jessica Hanson 
56B Kaela Berg 
57B John Huot
59A Fue Lee

59B Esther Agbaje 
60A Sydney Jordan 
60B Mohamud Noor 
61A Frank Hornstein 
61B Jamie Long
62B Aisha Gomez

63A Jim Davnie 
63B Emma Greenman 
64A Kaohly Her 
64B Dave Pinto
65A Rena Moran

65B Carlos Mariani
66A Alice Hausman 
66B Athena Hollins 
67A John Thompson

Is your legislator NARAL-endorsed? Find your legislative district and find out!

This independent expenditure is prepared and paid for by the NARAL Pro-Choice Minnesota Political Committee and is not coordinated with any candidate or candidate committee. 

The NARAL Pro-Choice Minnesota endorsement is open to any candidates who share our vision that all Minnesotans should have access to the full range of reproductive health options, including contraception, abortion, and the ability to raise healthy children.  Candidates must submit a questionnaire that covers a range of reproductive rights policy to be considered for endorsement.  Stay tuned for more legislative endorsements throughout the summer.

Candidates seeking endorsement for statewide office or Minnesota legislature, contact us at

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We fight for a future that includes access to all reproductive health care no matter your zip code or employer. Minnesota must lead the charge. Are you with us?