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May 9, 2018/Blog, Media

Fake Women’s Health Centers: Part One

NARAL Pro-Choice Minnesota presents: A three-part series about fake women's health centers — sometimes called crisis pregnancy centers or CPCs. Our bloggers and interns dig into the facts and the facade to get at what, exactly, these centers are.

March 27, 2018/Blog

Abortion in Fictionalized Media

"Abortion has been at the forefront of political discussions for as long as most of us can remember. We have no shortage of reporting and opinion pieces on abortion dominating the daily news cycle. But how is abortion being represented in our fictionalized media?"

March 20, 2018/Media

Pro-Choice Lobby Day Photos!

Another Pro-Choice Lobby Day has come and gone. We are so grateful to our Pro-Choice Lobby Day Coalition partners for their help in recruiting a great bunch of participants this year!

March 1, 2018/Newsletter

January/February 2018

Legislative Session 2018. Act I, scene 1.

[Friday, February 9, 2018. State Capitol, St. Paul, Minnesota.]

Lights come up on small crowd of people in business attire, presumably legislators. They speak in
murmurs accompanied by the shuffling of papers. A clock chimes five times and the legislators look up.
Freeze. Lights go down.

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